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Kelli S.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
University Student studying Technical/Professional Writing. Drawing, writing, and comicking are my hobbies. I'm a casual fan of books, MMO games, manga and Japanese animation.

Mechacon IX Art Contest Winner 2013 | Guest Artist Mechacon X


"My Uncle Moris, the famous diabetic from Brooklyn, used to say... If you hate yourself, then you hate your work." Broadway Danny Rose (1984)
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Hunger Games soundtrack
  • Watching: Sword Art Online
  • Drinking: Black Tea
I'm the sort of person who collects things that that could be useful in the future; the sort of person who likes to plan ahead. Sometimes the plan is haphazard, but it's a plan.

And part of my post-grad plan is... a new computer >:D

 I just spent 6 hours (that should have been spent on school work) researching and shopping for PC parts. I'm looking to build a machine that will do intensive video editing, stream Photoshop and Sai, and maybe even let me play a video game more graphically intensive than Ragnarok Online. Across two monitors. Without hiccups. :P

My laptop is pretty reliable, but there are days where she's like, "Dude, I'm a LAPTOP. You're asking way too much of me." Sometimes she just can't keep up with my dual monitor photoshop streamin itunes jammin Guild Wars 2 Law and Order marathon shenanigans, and it's not her fault. She's a laptop. And she's five years old.

I'm not ultra knowledgeable about hardware, but luckily my dad is pretty savvy and my brother is VERY savvy (always consult an expert!). It's been fun, but gosh, 6-7 hours of shopping the net really drains your enthusiasm... but all those post-grad plans will require a stronger computer, and I want this workhorse to last a while, so bit by bit I'm gonna build her. And she's gonna be awesome.

I figure this is the best time of year to start collecting the pieces. I thought about just getting another laptop, but I figure I do my video editing/painting/gaming at home 95% of the time so I might as well utilize the power of a desktop computer. If I were going to get a laptop, I'd want to get a Surface Pro (might as well try something different), but a Surface Pro is a bit out of my price range for now. My laptop is good enough for laptop-y things at work and school, but I need more power for hobbystuff. And I think the best course of action is a customized desktop computer.

Holiday! Soon! No more coursework! :faint:

Happy (early) Thanksgiving


edit | holyshitholyshitholyshit I have all the pieces and it's all coming in and omg this is really happening 

but there goes my paychecks and Subway combo meals for two months

I-I-I think it'll be worth it... OTL


Every time I see one I get this surge—a pang of recognition, expectation, as if you just stumbled upon something you thought was lost for good. Like you ran into a friend that you took for dead. You went to the funeral and saw the body, and yet here they were, in the flesh, standing right in front of you.

I look at the sports rack. The tire on the back hatch-door. The bra on the muzzle. My warped reflection on the black paint. It's just like the one I had, but it isn't mine. Mine was crushed to pieces. The brain exploded, the rest dismembered. Venerable organ donor.

God, I miss my Toyota.

Rav4. 2004. V6. 86,000 miles. Forty bucks of gasoline got me to school for two weeks. She was a good car, and I killed her.

I miss that button with the cleft-footed demon that summoned the dragon who blew cold air in my face when it was deployed. I suffered in the heat for a month before I realized what that button was. I always had the feeling that image was bad luck, but I liked that car's quirks. When I press my face against the ghost of my Rav to see inside, I don't see the little cleft-footed demon. I see his sharply printed predecessor, “A/C”.

I was eager to replace the Rav with an identical twin, sans the peeling dash buttons. I wrongly appropriated this task to my step-father, feeling too inadequate and preoccupied to do it myself. He reported back that he had found one in a used car lot, but passed on it because it was blue and had a dent on the hatch-door.

A dent! As if the majesty of that car was gone with a dent!

The new Honda is nice, but the Rav4 was perfect.
An elegy for the best car ever.

Another creative Non-fiction assignment from uni. :P
I'd be lying if I said that I remembered all the details, but I think I knew even then that the maxims of conversation had been violated. I indicated no interest in Princess Diana or Great Britain, but the conversation kept turning back to those subjects. Aunt Betsy—who was actually my cousin, not my aunt—made a diligent effort to introduce me to Princess Diana through picture books we flipped through on the floor of the musky basement apartment. “This is a real, live princess,” she told me. I was at an age where I asked a lot of questions, but I don't remember being particularly interested in Princess Diana. I marked, however, that her hair was very short.

I would soon be sobbing ostentatiously as my fine brown hair dropped onto the floor in clumps. My aunt would halt the barber to lecture me about the inappropriateness of the racket I'm making, and console me that when the nice barber lady is done, I will look like Princess Diana.

“I don't want to look like Princess Diana,” I howl. “Princess Diana looks like a boy!”

I now appreciate how hard she tried to desensitize me to what was about to happen. In a photograph from that weekend, the five-year-old me is posed like the Statue of Liberty, wearing a sequin tiara on a fresh bowl-cut. I'm wearing a long tulle skirt and a feather boa over a t-shirt that's a bit too big. Everything is a clean, coordinated cerulean palette—save for my striped shorts, which I can see through the tulle. We're about to set out for a Mardi Gras parade, where I would sit on the top of a ladder and wave to the floats—like Princess Diana would, of course.

My dad was in the midst of the custody battle in '96. He kept the house, and my mom lived somewhere else—a somewhere else where my little brother had been savagely belted by a drunkard for playing with the levers on a water dispenser. We were hidden away at my aunt's for a time to give my father some reprieve from us, and to hide us from the cops who might assert my mom's right to visitation at the shady house she'd taken up in. It was an arduous campaign that raged through most of my kindergarten year, largely unbeknownst to me. I was much too busy thinking of how I might escape the next barber who brandished his abhorrent scissors at my precious locks.

Fifteen years after my traumatic experience in the barber shop, I sit at the kitchen table across my dad, poking at what's left of my dinner while he explains these things. We never really talk about the divorce. He asks me how much of it I remember.

“You cut my hair,” I said bitterly.
Liberty's Locks
Flash non-fiction essay from a creative writing class.

Prompt was: Study an old photograph of yourself as a child and recall a memory associated with it.

I'm a little worried about inconsistent tenses. Sometimes I went with something just because I thought it sounded better. How do you feel about it?


"My Uncle Moris, the famous diabetic from Brooklyn, used to say... If you hate yourself, then you hate your work."
Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

"It's alright. When the answer eludes you, working with your hands is the best thing you can do. You can sit at home thinking all day, talk to everyone you know... when it's out of reach, it's out of reach. Funnily enough, though, if you work with your hands and become completely absorbed in what you're doing... often enough, you'll find the answer sitting right there on top of the hundredth plate you made."
Honey and Clover by Chica Umino

O Time, thou must untangle this, not I.
It is too hard a knot for me t' untie.
Twelfth Night, or What You Will by William Shakespeare

The art of crafting things fatigues one's spirit.
When the spirit is healed, the desire to make something returns.
It is such a wondrous cycle.
Pokemon Platinum Temple NPC

Please forgive this living contradiction that I am.
~ Casshern Sins ~

"Sometimes, it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code."
Christopher Thompson

"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. " ~Anna Quindlen


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Yup yup. :D

I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy the con. I was stuck at the table for most of it and missed a lot. Hopefully in the future I'll have more prints than commissions and can just leave a minion to man my table every now and then. :)
Lord-Naraku Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's one downside to working artist alley. I'm friends with Jennifer that owns Kitty's Kreations. She has the same problems. I'm going to be looking into running some kind of rpg game in the gaming area next year. Here's to a bigger and more awesome next year!
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